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“We ALL Fit”, released in 2014, has a run-time of approximately 15 minutes, plus a 4-minute reinforcing music video (see link below).  Following a year's worth of input via a Community Conversation and the recommendations of independent researchers, plus the experience of having served tens of thousands of students and educators, Good Friend co-founder Chelsea Budde wrote the script for the short narrative.  Designed to create awareness and answer basic questions about ASD for elementary-aged students, the film also leaves viewers with social-emotional "tools for their toolbox".  Director and Good Friend co-founder Denise Schamens works with a cast and crew of 38 to bring the story of five students with ASD to life, co-narrated by an upper elementary student (Anna Schamens) and the school's principal (Sue Vock).

The video is most effective when shown as part of a Peer Sensitivity Workshop.  We encourage schools, parents, PTAs/PTOs, teachers, camp directors, churches, support groups, medical and dental offices, and service organizations that cater to children (i.e., restaurants, hotels, theme parks, etc.) to invest in this important product.  Inclusion expert Paula Kluth, Ph.D., says, "This short video not only offers ideas for building community in the classroom, but provides opportunities for all learners to build communication, collaboration, teaching, and advocacy skills.  With each viewing, every member of the classroom can learn something new about getting and giving support, about friendship, and about true inclusion.

For middle schools serving grades 6 through 8, Good Friend produced an award-winning film specifically by and for them.  "Choosing To Be a GFF [Good Friend Forever]" is a 15-minute, tech-savvy production loaded with positive social emotional themes for autism awareness and peer acceptance.  Symptoms of autism are explained by seven 12- to 15-year-old students with ASD in their real-life accounts, narrated by 13-year-old Ellise Trewyn.  Friends and siblings of students with ASD also lend their voices, making the video a powerful and effective bullying prevention tool.

Good Friend Individualized Classroom Presentations are the best platform form for showing "Choosing To Be a GFF", but teachers and counselors are welcome to use the DVD as part of their existing curriculum, whether in Science (genetics, human development, neurology), Language Arts (character analysis), or Health (social emotional well-being, relationships, disability awareness) classes.


Choosing To Be a GFF (Good Friend Forever)


"We ALL Fit" by The Figureheads

Good Friend 2-disc set

Good Friend 2-disc set: Elementary & Middle School DVDs

"We ALL Fit" (2014) and the award-winning "Choosing To Be a GFF (Good Friend Forever)" (2011) are now available in one boxed set at a $5 savings over purchasing the two DVDs individually!  Each peer education film is approximately 16 minutes long.  The elementary school version is intended for grades K-5, and the middle school is for 6th-8th grades. 

 $99 ($73 with membership)

Goodfriend Forever DVD

Good Friend DVD - Middle School

The voices of students with autism/ASD in 6th through 8th grade are the highlights of this 16-minute cutting-edge film, released in 2011. A must-have addition to the library of any professional who works with adolescents. Positive themes of autism awareness and peer acceptance.  

$52 ($39 with membership)

Good Friend Inc DVD

Good Friend DVD - Elementary

"We ALL Fit" replaces Good Friend's initial DVD offering, opening in May, 2014, to rave reviews.  With a run-time of 15 minutes plus a reinforcing 4-minute music video by The Figureheads, this professionally-produced video was written with elementary students in mind, but contains information about autism and social emotional lessons valuable to people of any age. 

$52 ($39 with membership)