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Good Friend Combats Disability Harassment Before It Starts (Feb. 2013)

April Is National Autism Awareness Month
Local Nonprofit Spreads Positive Message in Schools (
Feb. 2013)

Good Friend DVD Highlights Social Interaction
with Children with Autism (
Apr. 2010)

Nonprofit Shows Grade School Students
How to Be Good Friends to Children with Autism (
Apr. 2010)

FACT SHEET: Good Friend, Inc. (Nov. 2012)



Good Friend Video Receives National Award;
Waukesha Patch, -  June 14, 2011


Autism Acceptance In Education & With Peers; 
The Autism Notebook
magazine, -  April/May 2012

Tips For Interacting With Individuals With Autism;
ASD Today: Advancing Autism Awareness (a CPI blog), September 2012

Encouraging friendships between kids with disabilities and peers
ExpertBeacon, September 2013