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General Assembly Testimonials 

From staff …

“I'm glad we decided to invite you to talk with our 6th graders about autism.  Your presentation provided important information and the activities helped our students develop empathy with their autistic peers.  This definitely was a valuable use of our time.  Thank you!”

~ Ann Marie Henkel, School Counselor; Webster Transitional School; Cedarburg, WI  

“It really did a great job in having students ‘step in another’s shoes’ and understand what it’s like to have autism.”

~ Sara Siegesmund, School Counselor; Fox River Middle School, Waterford, WI 

“The program was very positive and was presented clearly and with thoughtfulness.  Our students gained a great amount of knowledge about autism.”

~ Beth Johnson 

“A wonderful presentation that met our middle school students and their level of knowledge.  The awareness, acceptance, and empathy information was very much appreciated.”

~ Kim Kloeppel, School Social Worker 

From students …

“This presentation was helpful and I learned a lot. Thanks for coming!”


“This was a great thing to help people know more about autism.”


“It was well set-up and I liked how kids were in the movie.”


“I loved the presentation! I didn’t know that much about autism, and now I know what to do. Thank you!”


“I liked learning about autism and how I can help.”


“I thought the video had a lot of meaning! Nice job!”


“I learned that autism is like a different operating system on a computer, but in our brains. It is not really a DISorder, but a Different order.”


“The presentation was really informational and it really opened my eyes.”


“I think we should do another activity like this soon.”