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Peer SensitivitY Testimonials 

“I was nervous about discussing Suzie* by name with the students, however was immediately at ease with Chelsea’s respectful style and friendly handling of the situation. Outstanding job!”

~ Michelle Mancl, Principal; Willow Glen Primary, St. Francis, WI
* name changed to protect the student’s identity

 “I believe everyone (teachers included) left the presentation with a better understanding of what autism is and how to be a ‘good friend’.”

~ Tiffani Humphrey, 1st Grade Teacher; Heyer Elementary, Waukesha, WI 

“I think that the workshop helped our students better understand what autism is and how the kids who have it look at things differently.  Many of the things they were teaching can also apply to kids with other disabilities too!”

~ Debbie West, Intermediate Special Education Assistant; Heyer Elementary School; Waukesha, WI 

“My students loved the program. They thanked me for doing it.”

~ Nicole Napierala, 3rd Grade Teacher; Rolling Hills Elementary, Mukwonago, WI 

“During the presentation, the students were extremely interested in the information and engaged. I would recommend this presentation to all schools.”

~ Sue Allard, Special Education Teacher; Hartland North Elementary; Hartland, WI 

“I appreciated how your presentation moved from definition to implementation of positive actions rather than going in to possible causes and just emphasizing the challenges.”

~ Mitzi Keadle, 1st Grade Teacher; Lowell Elementary; Waukesha, WI