Connecting through technology to spread the A-A-E message!

May 11, 2009
Chelsea Budde

How many individuals with ASD do you know?  How many people who care for, educate, or otherwise serve individuals with ASD are among your friends and family?  In this Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn world of connections, the world is continually made smaller by technology.  We appreciate you registering for our blog updates.  Are you a member of our Facebook Cause or LinkedIn Group  If not, check us out!  It's a great way for us to maximize our ability to communicate effectively with you.  We appreciate your feedback on our discussion topics and your support of the autism awareness-acceptance-empathy mission.

Let some of your connections know about Good Friend, Inc.  We are booking summer opportunities for first responder and camp staff training on autism.  We are also looking forward to coming to your area school to provide a staff in-service on autism and social support before the first day of school, or during your fall scheduled in-service opportunity.  Contact us to find out more.
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