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Welcome to Good Friend, Inc.'s Middle School Course! This Course includes everything a teacher, social worker, guidance counselor, or other child service provider needs to facilitate a Good Friend autism awareness, acceptance, and empathy building service with 6th - 8th grade learners. (Because one of the students in the film refers indirectly to suicidal ideation from 17:54-18:49, some content might not be suitable for children under age 12.) Course Content includes an introductory instructional video, downloadable PDFs of materials (including a film discussion guide), and the 20-minute long Choosing to Be a Good Friend video in English.

Following the delivery of this course, check and lock in learnings by launching our interactive Kahoot! game for students in grades 6-8 (see Exercises). Your feedback in our follow-up classroom culture survey, which will be emailed, is crucial to track the impact of this curriculum.

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