General Assembly

Schools that desire more general information for their students on being good friends to children on the autism spectrum can schedule a Good Friend Assembly for up to 500 children.  An assembly includes a screening of We ALL Fit for K-5th grade, or Choosing To Be a Good Friendfor 6th-8th grade, wrapped within a complementary interactive presentation, plus a Q&A session (if time allows). Students leave with practical social emotional tools for connecting and bullying prevention.  For best results, keep presentations to three consecutive grade levels maximum, with no more than 500 students per assembly. 

Citizenship Training

In accordance with today’s need for COVID mitigation strategies, we offer this content for smaller audiences virtually. To maximize engagement, we recommend a 30-student maximum on the remote learning platform, unless we’re streaming the program to in-person classes. In that case, we recommend those classes be at the same grade level.

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Travel Expenses will apply for services delivered in-person outside a 40-mile radius of Waukesha, WI

We at Good Friend, Inc., are taking precautions to keep our staff safe during the coronavirus pandemic, and we know that schools and other community organizations are working to mitigate risks for their populations, too. We also know how important social-emotional learning is, whether school instruction is in-person or virtual.  Therefore, we are offering live remote programs! While our preference is to provide these programs in person, we recognize that doing so may not be safe. We also know that, even if you plan to have us visit your school, a positive test result for COVID-19 could change your instruction method overnight. Know that we are flexible and prepared. Get in touch with us for more information on how we can make your school commUNITY a more inclusive atmosphere for neurodivergent learners.