Going Virtual

May 18, 2020
Chelsea Budde

In early March, before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, I arrived in an art room overflowing with giggles and bustling with activity, juggling our Good Friend toolbox, technology, and program materials. There were 25 Girl Scout Daisies waiting to learn more about autism and good friendship. Leaders helped the girls shift their focus from coloring their petals to the projected slideshow. The kinetic energy went from a roar to a whisper as all eyes were on the screen.

Last month, I delivered Good Friend's first virtual workshop to a Girl Scout troop from the safety of my home to the safety of the girls' homes. It was a different way to talk about differences, but we were doing it together. The spirit of that moment was aligned with our We ALL Fit messaging, and I was able to remind the Juniors that we're doing the same thing - just differently. Neurodiversity means we humans have brains that process and respond to the same information differently. Ultimately, whether we have autism or not, we're more alike than different.

I look forward to the day when we can deliver these services again in person. In the meantime, I am hoping we can reschedule the Girl Scout services that have had to be canceled since mid-March, and move forward with our Wisconsin Southeast region as a Community Event Service Provider

Of course, we have all been doing many things differently to stay safe and healthy. More of our programs are being retooled to be offered remotely. Make sure you're on our email list and social media channels so we can keep in touch.

As ever, we are deeply grateful for your support of our autism awareness-acceptance-empathy mission! Our best wishes are with you all for health and wellness.

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