Good News: Red Carpet Premiere Party was a HUGE success!

June 4, 2014
Chelsea Budde

Seems like Good Friend, Inc.'s hometown of Waukesha, Wis., has been the epicenter for a lot of bad news over the last few days.  Let me tell you some good news that will warm your heart.  And let me replace those sad images with inspiring ones.

On Wednesday, May 28, we welcomed joyfully more than 200 community members from southeastern Wisconsin to northern Illinois, from toddlers to retirees, to be part of a culmination of dreams and fulfillment of miracles.  More than 30 VIPs -- cast and crew members from We ALL Fit, dressed in their finest attire -- walked the red carpet at Marcus Majestic, right on the Waukesha/Brookfield edge.

As the program got underway in the packed auditorium, we explained "silent clapping" to our guests: instead of making a lot of noise that might be startling and uncomfortable for some of our guests, we opted to raise our hands in the air and shake them to demonstrate our appreciation.  And there was a lot of appreciating going on that night.

We appreciated fathers who support their
sons, regardless of their differences.
We appreciated families who make autism
awareness, acceptance, and empathy a joint effort.

We appreciated title sponsor AutoZone (staff members lower left
corner), whose Milwaukee regional manager Tony Blackmer
decided to pick up the tab for the venue on Good Friend's behalf.

We appreciated moms who cry as they think about
what this film means to the community at large.
We appreciated families and friends and neighbors
enjoying a rare night out at the movies.
We appreciated that people with autism are extraordinary,
often possessing amazing skills, like playing One Direction
songs on the recorder.

We hope you have an opportunity to see our latest autism peer sensitivity film soon.  We ALL Fit is now available on DVD through our website store.  We are also receptive to doing free community screenings around Wisconsin and northern Illinois.  If you think you can get at least 40 guests to attend, contact me ([email protected]) and we'll set something up.

We appreciated our young stars, some
of whom just needed someone to believe
in them in order to believe in themselves.
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