Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2011
Chelsea Budde

First, a warm welcome to our new friends we met at the OCALI Conference and Exposition in Columbus, Ohio, last week!  Whether you came by our booth, attended our breakout, and/or purchased one or both of our DVDs, we appreciate your interest in creating a culture of acceptance at your school.

This is a great time for expressing gratitude in general.  As an organization, Good Friend appreciates each of its members and supporters who give of their time, talent, and monetary resources to keep the autism Awareness-Acceptance-Empathy message moving forward.  Nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of others to sustain their missions, and Good Friend is no exception!  We are glad you understand that the work we do in building strong social foundations today becomes the base for our community's pillars -- employment opportunities, accessible recreation, and universally designed facilities where everyone's abilities are valued.

We also appreciate the schools that are taking time out of their day to equip their staff and students to recognize disability harassment, respond appropriately, and think proactively.  These schools that choose to engage Good Friend are aware that all students learn better when they feel safe and respected.

It's never too late to take steps toward creating a safe social climate at your school.  And if you're enjoying such a campus, we know you are thankful for it.  If not, get in touch with us and let's find a way to add that kind of climate to your list of things for which you're grateful.

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