Kids say the loveliest things!

February 10, 2014
Chelsea Budde

Like many other states, Wisconsin has had a tough winter.  In fact, it interfered with preparation for a recent student service at an elementary school.

Generally, we send a presentation kit to the host school ahead of our visit so staff and students can prepare to receive Good Friend's Awareness-Acceptance-Empathy┬« message.  Part of the kit for students in grades 2 through 5 participating in a Peer Sensitivity Workshop is a bundle of blank, colored notecards.  Teachers distribute these ahead of time and encourage students to write their questions about autism on the cards anonymously.  We collect the cards before students watch our video and review them so we can address any topics that haven't already been covered during the workshop in those last 15 minutes.

But on this day, the students had enjoyed a four-day weekend because of the bitter cold.  The staff didn't have time to distribute the cards and discuss their purpose.  To save time, I encouraged the students to write down any questions or comments they had for me during or immediately after the workshop, and then requested that the teacher return the cards to me so I could address any remaining questions.

There are few things as precious as a young child's handwriting, so you need to see these for yourself!

Kids don't just "get it", and they so appreciate when someone helps them understand!

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