Peer Sensitivity Workshop

In order to foster empathy among K-5th grade students, they have to learn to walk in the shoes of their classmate on the autism spectrum.  We ALL Fit is great to teach awareness, but acceptance and empathy come from personalization.
Because every child with autism is different, every workshop we do is tailored to fit the needs of the classroom dynamics. Before the workshop and with written parental consent, we speak with a relevant staff member who knows the child with autism well, as well as with the child’s parent/guardian to learn a little bit about what makes that child unique.

The nature of the informations shared is also different between grade levels. We tell kindergarteners about their friend in 30 minutes and use different exercises than we do with the 5th graders, who have a 60-minute workshop. Each version includes a screening of the 20-minute video.
Schools can opt to have a takeaway gift for each participant. In order to make these workshops most effective, there is a maximum number of 75 same-grade students per session.

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