Elementary & Middle School Bundle

The Elementary & Middle School Educator Bundle includes everything a teacher, social worker, or school counselor would need to facilitate a Good Friend autism awareness, acceptance, and empathy building service for students aged 5-14 years. Course Content, which is accessible by the user for one year from date of purchase, includes an introductory instructional narrative, downloadable PDFs of materials (including film discussion guides), both 20-minute long videos, plus interactive Q & A games to check for 3rd-8th grade student understanding.

Please note that because one of the students in Choosing to Be a Good Friend refers indirectly to suicidal ideation from 17:54-18:49, some content might not be suitable for children under age 12.

By purchasing the course, you'll be equipped with empathy-building exercises to create a culture of acceptance in a neurodiverse classroom. Creating connection amongst learners reduces disability harassment, and we know that bullying of autistic students is a persistent problem without peer training.

Course Objectives:

  • Get children thinking positively about differences.
  • Tell children what autism is (and isn't) using positive, accurate language.
  • Demonstrate social emotional tools useful for disability harassment prevention.
  • Help children connect what they learn about autism and good friendship to their classroom.
  • Provide a deeper understanding of how students on the spectrum are wired differently but want the same friendships/relationships.
  • Develop a culture of mutual respect where everyone feels like they belong.
  • Help students take next steps toward meaningful inclusion of all learners.


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