Rock some blue in your 'do!

April 17, 2012
Chelsea Budde

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This week, I'm offering some respite from deep thinking.  ;o)  Let's have some FUN!

Here's my proposal: [High]light It Up Blue for Autism!  
A trio of moms raising youth with autism spectrum disorders has banded together to help create autism awareness in a unique way.  Get a blue natural hair extension, feather, and/or sparkly tinsel strands at Salon Brillar√© (Pewaukee)!  Janet D'Amato, the salon's owner, is donating the proceeds for this promotion from March 22 through April 22 to Good Friend, Inc.!  For $10, you can choose one option, or you can pump it up or mix and match any three choices for $25 (per client).  New clients are welcome!  You could walk in, but appointments are recommended.  Call 262-522-2914, or email [email protected] for more information or to get yourself and your friends scheduled!  They'll do manicures, pedicures, and nail art, too!  And they'll be at our Hoa Aloha Autism Awareness Bowling Event on April 22!
I know, I know -- it's extreme, right?  Blue hair?!  How the heck are you supposed to blend with blue hair?  That's kind of the point.  We don't want our kids with autism to feel like they have to blend.  They have an invisible disability with some very visible manifestations.  Be willing to stand out and stand up for them during National Autism Awareness Month!
But if blue hair is just too personal, what about blue light bulbs outside your house?  Check out Autism Speaks' Light It Up Blue campaign.  World Autism Awareness Day is April 2!  Blue it up!

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