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The team at Good Friend Inc is passionate about creating a culture of autism acceptance in schools, throughout our communities and interwoven into workplace culture. If you or your organization shares our passion, we invite you to become a supporting partner!
Supporting partners provide crucial support, helping us achieve our mission and objectives. Supporting partners can be individuals, corporations, foundations, or government agencies who donate funds or other resources to ensure our organization's long-term success.
Financial support from supporting partners can take many forms, including direct monetary donations, in-kind contributions, sponsorships, and grants. In-kind contributions can include things like donated goods or services, volunteer hours, or professional expertise.
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Good Friend, Inc relies on the support of our supporting partners to help advance our mission and make a positive impact in our communities.

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"I shared office space with Good Friend Inc. for over a year, and witnessed a passion exhibited by Denise Schamens and Chelsea Budde every single day, that I have never seen or felt before in my life. These two women started Good Friend Inc. because of their children’s needs.........working with the schools ...............and now, because their “children” are grown, they are working with employers .........they move upward and forward as the progression of their adult children’s lives progress, which benefits each family and each person, regardless of whether or not they are part of Good Friend Inc. All lives are impacted for the better because of the work of these two women."

Elisa M. Ruer, Praktess LLC

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